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There's only three exercises at this point. Hopefully, that'll improve over time. A summary of each exercise is given below.

FTimes Mechanics

This exercise directs the student to build and install FTimes, a system baselining and evidence collection tool. Once, FTimes has been built and installed, the student will become familiar with the tool's various modes of operation.


File System Analysis EXT2 - 1

This exercise directs the student to extract the Master Boot Record (MBR) from an image file and decode its partition table. Once the table has been deciphered, the student will extract a specified partition from the image, mount it read only, and map it with FTimes. The latter part of this exercise requires a Linux system configured with loopback support.


HashDig Mechanics

This exercise directs the student to perform hash resolution using the HashDig tool suite. The student will create an RPM reference database and a subject database then resolve the subject hashes using the reference database. Finally, the resolved hashes will be bound back to the original filenames.


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