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ftimes-cmp2diff - Display diff-like results of an FTimes comparison


ftimes-cmp2diff [-c {compare|-}] [-e field[,field[,...]]] [-f format] [-m mask] [-o option[,option[,...]]] -b baseline -s snapshot


This utility takes baseline and snapshot map files as input, compares them using a specified or derived field mask, and displays the results in a diff-like format. This allows the user to see the details about what fields changed and how.


-b baseline

Specifies the name of an FTimes baseline map file.

-c {compare|-}

Specifies the name of an FTimes compare file produced by comparing the snapshot to the baseline. A value of '-' will cause the program to read from stdin.

-e field[,field[,...]]

Specified a list of map fields to ignore. No differences will be displayed for fields in this list.

-f format

Specifies the type of diff format to display. The format can be one of {f|field}, {l|long}, or {s|short}. The default value is 'short'.

-m mask

Specifies the field mask to use when generating output.

-o option,[option[,...]]

Specifies the list of options to apply. Currently, the following options are supported:


Force the decoding of map files and creation of offsets files even if they already exist.


Remove decoded map and offsets files upon program completion.


Converts the mode field into a standard UNIX representation (e.g., '-rwxr-xr-x').


Do not decode the map files (i.e., assume that the baseline and snapshot are already decoded).

Note: If you enable this option and fail to specify decoded map files, don't expect valid results.

-s snapshot

Specifies the name of an FTimes snapshot map file.

Note: While not strictly required, it's best if the field mask used when taking the snapshot matches the one used to create the baseline.


Klayton Monroe and Jason Smith




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