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ftimes-dbm-bash - Bash one Berkeley database against another


ftimes-dbm-bash [-i {REFERENCE|SUBJECT}] -r db -s db


This utility compares keys in the subject database to those in the reference database and updates subject values with values from the reference database. The primary rule of engagement is that the value for a given reference key trumps the value for the corresponding subject key. The reference database is not altered during this process.



Specifies the database, reference or subject, that will serve as the iterator during analysis. By default, the smallest database is used. This decision is based on file size rather than the number of actual records -- checking the file size is quicker than counting the number of records. Note, however, that some databases can have a deceivingly large size -- especially those that have been weeded. The value for this option is not case sensitive. Also, the following aliases are supported: 'R', 'REF', 'S', and 'SUB'.

-r db

Specifies the name of the reference database.

-s db

Specifies the name of the subject database.


Klayton Monroe


ftimes-dbm-dump(1), ftimes-dbm-make(1), ftimes-dbm-weed(1)


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