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ftimes-encoder - Encode/Decode strings/records using various algorithms


ftimes-encoder [-o option[,option[,...]]] [-t type] -m mode -f {file|-}


This utility reads lines from a file or stdin and encodes or decodes them according to user-specified criteria.


-f {file|-}

Specifies the name of the input file. A value of '-' will cause the program to read from stdin.

-m mode

Specifies the mode of operation. The mode can be one of {e|enc|encode}, {d|dec|decode}, or {c|convert}.

-o option,[option[,...]]

Specifies the list of options to apply. Currently, the following options are supported:


Don't add a newline character to the end of the output. This option is primarily intended for single line decodes where the output is expected to be binary and subsequently redirected to a file or piped to another utility. In both of these cases, the extra newline would be unwanted since it will pollute the output stream.


Treat the entire input stream as a single string. This option is primarily intended for small- to medium-sized input streams that can easily be stored in memeory.

-t type

Specifies the type of encoding or decoding to apply. The type can be one of base64, ftimes-nss, ftimes-sss, ftimes-url, hex, or url. NSS is short for Neuter Safe String, and SSS is short for Shell Safe String.


Klayton Monroe


ftimes(1), ftimes-xformer(1)


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