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NAME - Create MAC/MACH timelines using FTimes map data

SYNOPSIS {-e|--extsort} [-d] [-m] [-q] [-r] [-s file] [-T dir] [-w] -f {file|-} {-i|--intsort} [-d] [-m] [-q] [-r] [-w] -f {file|-}


This utility takes FTimes map data as input and produces a MAC or MACH timeline as output. The letters M, A, and C, have the usual meanings -- i.e., mtime, atime, and ctime. The H in MACH stands for chtime which is NTFS specific. Output is written to stdout and has the following format:


Two sorting methods are supported: external and internal. The internal sorting method constructs timelines entirely within core memory. While this method is self-contained, its effectiveness deteriorates as the amount of data increases. The external sorting method, on the other hand, requires an external sort utility, but it is generally faster and can handle large data sets more effectively. The external sorting method was designed to work with GNU sort.



Enables URL decoding of filenames.

-f {file|-}

Specifies the name of the input file. A value of '-' will cause the program to read from stdin.


Causes milliseconds to be included in the timeline. This option is specific to WINX map data, and it is silently ignored if -w is not specified also.


Don't report errors (i.e., be quiet) while processing files.


Causes timeline to be output in reverse time order.

-s file

Specifies the name of an alternate sort utility. Relative paths are affected by your PATH environment variable. Alternate sort utilities must support the -r, -T, and -u options. This program's external sorting method was designed to work with GNU sort.

-T dir

Specifies the directory sort should use as a temporary work area. The default directory is that specified by the TMPDIR environment variable, or /tmp if TMPDIR is not set.


Enables support for WINX map data.


Klayton Monroe




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