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NAME - Find one or more hashes in a HashDig database

SYNOPSIS [-qr] [-a hash-type] [-c {A|K|U}] -d db hash [hash ...]


This utility searches for a list of hashes from a HashDig database that has been created with hashdig-make(1). MD5 hashes must match the following regular expression:


SHA1 hashes, must match the following regular expression:


SHA256 hashes, must match the following regular expression:


Input that does not match the required expression will cause the program to generate an error message, which will be conditionally printed based on whether or not the -q flag has been set.

The output produced by this utility has the following format:



-a hash-type

Specifies the type of hashes that are to be sought. Currently, the following hash types (or algorithms) are supported: 'MD5', 'SHA1', and 'SHA256'. The default hash type is that specified by the HASH_TYPE environment variable or 'MD5' if HASH_TYPE is not set. The value for this option is not case sensitive.

-c category

Specifies the hash category, {A|K|U}, to enumerate. Currently, the following categories are supported: all (A), known (K), and unknown (U). The default category is all.

-d db

Specifies the name of the database to search.


Don't report errors (i.e., be quiet) while processing input.


Reverse the meaning of the db and hash arguments. This option allows you to search for a single hash in one or more HashDig databases.


Klayton Monroe


hashdig-dump(1), hashdig-make(1)


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