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NAME - Harvest hashes from a directory of sunsolve output

SYNOPSIS [-c {A|K|U}] [-q] [-s file] [-T dir] -o {file|-} dir


This utility extracts MD5 hashes from a directory of files created by hashdig-resolve-sunsolve(1), filters them by category (see -c), and writes the results to the specified output file (see -o). Output is a sorted list of hash/category pairs having the following format:


Input files located in dir are expected to contain HTML and have names that match the following regular expression:


Filenames that do not match this expression are silently ignored.


-c category

Specifies the hash category, {A|K|U}, that is to be harvested. Currently, the following categories are supported: all (A), known (K), and unknown (U). The default category is known. Output returned by sunsolve specifies the number of times a given hash matched something in Sun's Solaris Fingerprint Database. Thus, if the number of matches is zero, the hash is tagged as unknown. Otherwise, it is tagged as known.

-o {file|-}

Specifies the name of the output file. A value of '-' will cause the program to write to stdout.


Don't report errors (i.e., be quiet) while processing files.

-s file

Specifies the name of an alternate sort utility. Relative paths are affected by your PATH envrionment variable. Alternate sort utilities must support the -o, -T and -u options. This program was designed to work with GNU sort.

-T dir

Specifies the directory sort should use as a temporary work area. The default directory is that specified by the TMPDIR environment variable, or /tmp if TMPDIR is not set.


Klayton Monroe


hashdig-harvest(1), hashdig-make(1), hashdig-resolve-sunsolve(1)


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