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NAME - Harvest hashes from a one or more files

SYNOPSIS [-a hash-type] [-c {K|U}] [-d delimiter] [-h hash-field] [-q] [-s file] [-T dir] -t file-type -o {file|-} file [file ...]


This utility extracts hashes of the specified hash-type from one or more input files of the specified file-type, tags them (see -c), and writes them to the specified output file (see -o). Output is a sorted list of hash/category pairs having the following format:



-a hash-type

Specifies the type of hashes that are to be harvested. Currently, the following hash types (or algorithms) are supported: 'MD5', 'SHA1', and 'SHA256'. The default hash type is that specified by the HASH_TYPE environment variable or 'MD5' if HASH_TYPE is not set. The value for this option is not case sensitive.

-c category

Specifies the category, {K|U}, that is to be assigned to each hash. Currently, the following categories are supported: known (K) and unknown (U). The default category is unknown. The value for this option is not case sensitive.

-d delimiter

Specifies the input field delimiter. This option is ignored unless used in conjunction with the GENERIC data type. Valid delimiters include the following characters: tab '\t', space ' ', comma ',', semi-colon ';', and pipe '|'. The default delimiter is a pipe. Note that parse errors are likely to occur if the specified delimiter appears in any of the field values.

-h hash-field

Specifies the name of the field that contains the hash value. This option is ignored unless used in conjunction with the GENERIC data type. The default value for this option is ``hash''.

-o {file|-}

Specifies the name of the output file. A value of '-' will cause the program to write to stdout.


Don't report errors (i.e., be quiet) while processing files.

-s file

Specifies the name of an alternate sort utility. Relative paths are affected by your PATH environment variable. Alternate sort utilities must support the -o, -T and -u options. This program was designed to work with GNU sort.

-T dir

Specifies the directory sort should use as a temporary work area. The default directory is that specified by the TMPDIR environment variable or /tmp if TMPDIR is not set.

-t file-type

Specifies the type of files that are to be processed. All files processed in a given invocation must be of the same type. Currently, the following types are supported: FTIMES, FTK, GENERIC, HK|HASHKEEPER, KG|KNOWNGOODS, MD5, MD5DEEP, MD5SUM, NSRL1, NSRL2, OPENSSL, PLAIN, RPM, SHA1, SHA1DEEP, SHA1SUM, SHA256, SHA256DEEP, and SHA256SUM. The value for this option is not case sensitive.


Klayton Monroe


ftimes(1), hashdig-make(1), md5(1), md5sum(1), md5deep(1), openssl(1), rpm(8), sha1(1), sha1sum(1), sha1deep(1)


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