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NAME - Produce statistics on HashDig files

SYNOPSIS [-t {db|hd}] file [file ...]


This utility counts the number of known and unknown hashes in a HashDig file (either DB or HD format) and generates a report. Output is written to stdout and has the following fields: KCount, UCount, ICount, ACount, and Filename. The K, U, I, and A counts are short for known, unknown, indeterminate, and all, respectively.

A non-zero ICount indicates that there were one or more parse errors within a given file. If this happens, check the file's integrity to ensure that it hasn't become corrupt.


-t {db|hd}

Specifies the type of files that are to be processed. All files processed in a given invocation must be of the same type. Currently, the following types are supported: DB and HD. The value for this option is not case sensitive.


Andy Bair and Klayton Monroe


hashdig-dump(1), hashdig-make(1), hashdig-harvest(1)


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