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zipmap - Map the contents of a ZIP archive.


zipmap [-m mask] [-o option[,option[,...]]] -f {file|-}


ZipMap is a utility for mapping the files in a ZIP archive without having to unpack and write them to disk first. The output produced by this utility is roughly equivalent to FTimes output produced with the following FieldMask:



-f {file|-}

Specifies the name of the input file.

-m mask

The field mask specifies which attributes to collect/compute while processing the archive. The field mask value must comply with the following case-insensitive syntax:




The following fields may be specified:

    size   - Member size in bytes
    md5    - Member MD5 digest
    sha1   - Member SHA1 digest

In addition to the standard fields, the following group fields may be specified:

    hashes - Compute all supported digests

The default field mask is 'all'.

-o option,[option[,...]]

Specifies the list of options to apply. Currently, the following options are supported:


Member names for archives created on WINX platforms using the ftimes-grabber(1) are stored in a UNIX format. This flag indicates that those names should be converted back to their original format.


Example 1. Map the contents of a ZIP archive

This example demonstrates how to map the contents of a ZIP archive called ''.

    zipmap -f

If you're only interested in the size and MD5 attributes, you can specify a field mask to limit the output as follows:

    zipmap -m none+size+md5 -f

Example 2. Compare the contents of two ZIP archives

This example demonstrates how to use this utility and ftimes(1) to compare the contents of two ZIP archives called '' and ''.

    zipmap -f >
    zipmap -f >
    ftimes --compare all -l 6


Klayton Monroe and Jason Smith


ftimes(1), ftimes-grabber(1), tarmap(1), and unzip(1)


This utility was initially written to assist in validating the contents of ZIP archives created by ftimes-grabber(1).

This utility first appeared in FTimes 3.9.0.


All documentation and code are distributed under same terms and conditions as FTimes.

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